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               Welcome to our Counselor's Site!

    Happy New Year 2018!

    January Monthly Observations

    National Menudo Month *
    National Bath Safety Month
    National Black Diamond Month
    National Blood Donor Month
    National Braille Literacy Month
    National Hobby Month
    National Hot Tea Month
    National Mentoring Month
    National Oatmeal Month
    National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
    National Slow Cooking Month
    National Soup Month
    National Sunday Supper Month

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    Maryvale Counseling Department
             (Serving the Maryvale High School Community with Pride!)
    The Maryvale High School Counseling Department is always ready to work diligently for our student's academic, career, emotional and social well-being. Throughout the school year, there will be many opportunities for specific grade levels to receive information about academic criteria needed to graduate from high school and direction for reaching post-secondary goals.

    To see a counselor, students are to visit Ms. Velinda Arollo, our Department Office Assistant, before or after school or during lunch to set up an appointment. At that time, the student will be given the date and time to return to see their counselor.


     College, Isn't a Dream. It's a Plan!

                                               Keep Calm!  We are here to help! 
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      Co          Counselors 2016
       AZ College Campaingn 2017  College Application Campaign is in the Air! 
           College Applications Completed Poster  
    College Application Completers at 100%!   Yeah!
    Great Job to all of our STUDENTS!
    Great Job Ms. Thomason and Crew! 
    Applying for FAFSA is still going strong! FAFSA 2017 Poster
            FAFSA 2017                                                                     
     Dreamers  We Stand with DREAMERS!
     PSAT Poster 2017  
    All 150 spots were signed up for!
    Great job Mr. Bustamante and Crew!
    No Vampires Permitted!
     Blood Drive 2017
    Food Drive 2017!  Our Community Thanks You!!!
    Food Drive 2017
    Meet our School Counselors:
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    Mr. Bustamante 


    Mrs. Carter



    Ms. Ruble




    Mr. Cordova



    Mr. Fowler



    Ms. Laufer



    Mr. López


    Ms. Rand 



    Ms Parra    602-764-2047  parra@phoenixunion.org
    Mrs. Thomason    




    Instructional Leader for Counseling:
    Ms. Simir Rand 602 764-2035
    Sr. Office Assistant for Counseling:
    Velinda Arollo 602-764-2041


     Counseling Office: 602-764-2041 


     Help Us Help You

    Please take this online assessment so that your counselor can make sure you are
    receiving the help you need with college, career and life.

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    Former students and grads: we'd like to hear from you.

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    We Need Your Help, too  -- eScrip

    By supporting us through your signup with eScrip, we are able to earn money for Positive Behavior Interventions.

    Our group is: Maryvale High School eScrip Group ID – 6534212