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    The PUHSD Information Technology Services team supports one of the largest high school districts in the country with 17 schools, over 27,000 students, nearly 3,000 employees and well over 20,000 computing devices. Supported by over 50 full-time IT staff members, the Information Technology Services (ITS) team endeavors to deliver and maintain a high standard of reliable technology for all staff and students. 

     Your Technology Services Team   
    Director: Amy Remfrey
    Computer Support Manager: Terri Peña 
    IT Services Manager: Noreen Lyon
    Computer Support Specialist: Malcolm Haynes
    System Engineers: Ana Hernandez, Iria Pimm, Curtis Roberts
    Network Services: Gary Greene, Erik Bixby, Reginald Martinez
     Campus Tech Specialist: Tom Oviatt
    Computer Repair:
    Maia Morgan
    Greg Liko
    Raul Sarmiento
    Campus Tech Specialist: Mike Espinoza
    Campus Lab Tech: Chris Riddle
    Betty Fairfax:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Chris Hazelton
    Campus Lab Tech: Irma Jimenez Castro
    Campus Tech Specialist: Brandy Chestnut
    Campus Lab Tech: Annemarie Park
    Carl Hayden:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Kelly Newcom
    Campus Lab Tech: Daniel Quiroz Garcia
    Campus Tech Specialist: Lizeth Guerrero
    Campus Lab Tech: Caia Bixby
    Cesar Chavez:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Tom Estep
    Campus Lab Tech: Anhkiet Le
    Phoenix Coding Academy:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Phil Roach
    Campus Tech Specialist (Interim): Kristie Sandoval
    Campus Lab Tech: Jorge Velazquez
    Metro Tech:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Greg Knoell 
    Campus Lab Tech: Hugo Arreola-Tinoco
    Campus Tech Specialist: Candace Rivera
    Campus Lab Tech: Kevin Trumbull
    South Mountain:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Peter Colone
    Campus Lab Tech: Shari Gaines
        Small Schools (Desiderata, Linda Abril, Bostrom):
    Campus Tech Specialist: Steven Church
    Campus Lab Tech: Raymond Roberts
    Small Schools (Phoenix Coding Academy):
    Campus Tech Specialist: Phil Roach
    Small Schools (Bioscience & Franklin):
    Campus Tech Specialist: Henri Andersson
    Campus Lab Tech: Robert Benedetti
    Trevor Browne:
    Campus Tech Specialist: Alex Roman
    Campus Lab Tech: Angela Elam

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