Fairfax Kiddie College

Enrollment: children 3-5 years of age and potty trained

Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Plan types: part-time and full-time enrollmentKiddie College

Benefits of Fairfax Kiddie College
  • We are open and closed based on the Fairfax High School Calendar
  • The Early Childhood program works directly with the center. The high school students assist in the center each period of the school day.  
  • We serve morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack all included in the tuition.
  • We have a creative curriculum that is based off the children’s interests and created by the teachers weekly. 
    • math and science
    • language and writing
    • art
    • constructing in the Block Center
    • pretending in the Dramatic Play Center
    • exploring their technical skills in our Computer Center
    • acting in our puppet show
    • discovering the community and piecing objects together in our Table Learning Materials Center

 Kiddie College


1 day a week: $96.00 a month

2 days a week:  $192.00 a month

3 days a week: $288.00 a month

4 days a week: $384.00 a month

5 days a week (Full-time, ): $ 480.00 a month


Jocelynn Littleton

Director of Fairfax Kiddie College

Phone: (602) 764-9014

Email: jlittleton@phoenixunion.org