Note:  The Phoenix Union High School District (PUHSD) is currently unable to accept any new research proposals because we are in the process of compiling the mandatory Office of Civil Rights Data Collection Report.  Once the report has been completed, we will again be accepting research proposals in May 2017. If you have previously submitted your proposal, these proposals will be reviewed by our team.
You may submit your research proposal by downloading and completing the “Request to Conduct Educational Research in the Phoenix Union High School District” form posted below.
Here is some important information related to our processing of research proposals:
  • We give priority to proposals from PUHSD staff and proposals required by law or contract.  Otherwise, we review proposals on a first-come, first-served basis, as the capacity of our staff permits.  Once we meet capacity, we are unable to act on any additional proposals until the following semester. 
  • We only consider complete proposals, so please provide all information and attach all documentation (e.g., data collection tools) requested in the form. 
  • Submit your proposal at least 8 weeks prior to the expected start of research. 
  • A proposal must be educational in nature.
  • We will not consider market-based proposals.
  • A proposal must provide sufficient benefit to PUHSD to justify the cost.  An acceptable proposal shall require only a minimal amount of PUHSD student and staff time.
  • A proposal must be worded so it will not be construed as “offensive” by participants and/or the community.
For some research proposals, you may need to get written parent and/or student permission.  The Parental Letter of Permission Form below may be used as a guide or template.

Please refer questions about research proposals to the PUHSD Research Department at