Please follow the directions below in the event you suffer a job injury.   Please note: minor job injuries that only require basic first-aid do not need to be reported via the Nurse Triage line; they can be handled on-site.


Non-Severe Injuries 

During regular business hours:

Please report to your site contact to call the Nurse Triage Line (1-888-252-4689 #2)

After regular business hours or in the event the site contact is not available:

Please report to your immediate supervisor to call the Nurse Triage Line (1-888-252-4689 #2). 

All other situations:
Please call the Nurse Triage Line (1-888-252-4689 #2) directly. 


In the case of non-severe job injuries, DO NOT bypass the Nurse Triage process.  If you disagree with the triage nurse’s assessment and/or your condition deteriorates, you are free to seek medical treatment at one of the District’s preferred providers.


Severe job injuries:

Please report to the nearest medical facility for immediate treatment.   The following day, you and/or your site contact will call the Nurse Triage Line to initiate your claim (1-888-252-4689 #3).


For life-threatening job injuries, please call 911.

The following day, your site contact will contact the Nurse Triage Line to initiate your claim (1-888-252-4689 #3). 

For more information about the PUHSD Job Injury Process, please refer to the following:

For a current list of the PUHSD approved Job Injury Treatment Centers, please click here or you can download the applicable Treatment Center Brochure/Listing.